Thermal Imaging – pipework location

These thermal images show locations of the central heating pipework running under the floorboards and down behind plasterboards.

Being able to accurately locate pipes is useful to prevent damage to pipework and when making alterations. Thermal imaging is also very good when balancing central heating systems.

The images below show the routing of pipework under the wooden floor – the hot pipes show in orange.

Heating pipes under floor

Heating pipes under floor

Thermal Imaging service in Fleet, Yateley, Eversley, Hook, Odiham, Crondall, Hartley Wintney, Elvetham Heath, Cove and Church Crookham. 

Designer Radiator

This was a plumbing project to replace a standard single radiator with a stylish vertical designer radiator in a bedroom.

The radiator was mounted to the wall at the side of the bedroom window and the central heating pipework was extended to make the new connections.

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Loft Tank Float Valve

This was a small plumbing job to fix a faulty float valve in a loft cold water tank. The valve washer had deteriorated and water was overflowing via the overflow pipe.

It was a simple matter of replacing the washer and then adjusting and testing.

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Radiator replacement

This was a plumbing project to replace a number of radiators that were showing signs of age.

The system was partially drained down, radiators fitted and then refilled and protected with X100 scale inhibitor.

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